Furity is an information platform that creates content around the notion of impact.

Our Mission

 We aim to inform the new generation about social, environmental, justice and economic issues through podcasts, articles and events. Our goal is to point out the problems our world possesses as well as the solutions that are being developed to tackle them.  The participation of professionals from various industries allows us to highlight different experiences and expertise for unique information.

Why furity?

Furity was created as a response to the lack of centralised information about today’s challenges and their possible solutions. We want to raise awareness among the young people about new issues that arise as they will become the next leading generation. 

The aim of Furity is the following: to bridge the knowledge gap by informing people around the notion of impact, and by exchanging expertise, knowledge and experience. 


Explore the ideas within the notion of impact by listening to our podcasts where our guests share their experiences. Read our researched based articles .


Tune into our podcasts where we interview professionals coming from different industries who share their experience and tell us how they have made an impact in their environment. Check out our latest podcast!  


Our writing team brings you captivating articles about the notion of impact and how you can be part of the change. Check out our latest article! 


Our events’ team organises webinars and online events so that students can be put directly into contact with professionals and benefit from their experience by asking questions and listening to our panels

Furity is a network of students with a shared passion for social change and entrepreneurship. Their backgrounds vary from Management and Economics to Politics and International Relations.

If you are interested in joining our team, writing for us or creating an event with us please go to our contact page where you will find all of our social media information and our email. We always welcome new ideas!