Furity is a student-led organisation creating a node of network for students trying to enter the non-profit realm. Our objective is to empower young generations by helping them kickstart their non-profit journey

Our Mission

​Furity is an inter-university non-for-profit incubator. Our objective is to empower young generations by helping them kickstart their non-profit organisations. We want to rejuvenate the non-profit world by importing the dynamism, expertise and infrastructure of the start-up sector to benefit social enterprises.

Why furity?

Furity was founded by two King’s College London students who grew discontent with the lack of  resources provided to non-profits in university environments. They chose to bridge this gap by creating a network of students and NGO veterans from across the world to provide mentorship and expertise to budding non-profits.

The aim of Furity is simple: to show students that founding a non-profit is not only possible, but essential to solve the complex issues our society faces today.


Explore the ideas within the non-profit sector by listening to our podcasts where our guests share their experiences. Read our researched based articles based on the non-profit sector.


We have guest in and out the non-profit realm sharing valuable experiences with us.


Student Writers Do independent research on key topics of running an NGO.


We work with professionals and organisation, to provide the most possible, for the students in furity.

Furity is a network of students with a shared passion for social change and entrepreneurship. Their backgrounds vary from Management and Economics to Politics and International Relations. If you are interested in joining Furity or have any partnership proposals please contact us on our contact page, or send us an email found  on our contact page.