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Our blog team aims to provide concise, and intellectually stimulating articles. Each article tackles a different topic related to the notion of impact and gives you tips on how to get involved in sustainable projects, social enterprises and link our work to ongoing endeavours. 

Zahira Rafiq

We at Furity explore the enduring appeal of music as an alternative path to conventional medicine, understanding its impact and value for mind, body and soul.

Zahira Rafiq

ONS finds that more than two-thirds of adults in the UK (69%) report feeling somewhat or very worried about the effect COVID-19. We at Furity explore the current mental health crisis, and offer our readers some helpful advice and steps for combatting the crisis.

Marie Charbonneau

According to the generation they belong to, people consume the news differently. The younger you are, the more inclined you will be to get informed via social media. On the other hand, the elders prefer to use newspapers or watch television to get the news. A correlation has been established between the way we consume the news and its degree of accuracy. In the digital era, everything is about how fast we get informed, but sometimes, this speed is only possible at the expense of veracity and accuracy. That way, we all need to be careful when reading information that is sold as news. 

Zahira Rafiq

The Fourth Sector Group claims that “today’s dominant economic systems are centuries old, born out of the industrial age.” We at Furity explore this and more, in order to inform readers on the emergence of the revolutionary fourth sector.

Zahira Rafiq

To help recent and future graduates, we at Furity have crafted the ultimate guide for graduates. The guide will equip graduates with the advice needed to build the confidence and assurance needed to feel stable and supported in their search for a job.

Marie Charbonneau

The sharing economy model is widely spread in the developed economic systems. It rests on the sharing of resources and its customers benefit from lower prices and sometimes unique opportunities. But apart from its high rentability, what are the social and environmental benefits of this model? 

Zahira Rafiq

—Fast Fashion: A Toxic Relationship

In his influential text, The Dirty Side of the Garment Industry, Nikolay Anguelov claims that “the garment industry is one of the largest, most globalised and most essential industries in the modern world.” Although, the industry has created numerous opportunities for people across the globe, the failure to mitigate the industry’s ecological impact has paved way for an environmental disaster. We at FURITY explore this, and more, in order to enlighten readers on the environmental cost of fast fashion.
Marie Charbonneau

—EIA: A Utopia Or The Future? An Artificial Island That Could Change Migrants’ Fate

The migrant crisis that began in 2015 is far from being over. At different levels, initiatives have been proposed to tackle the issue of migration between Europe and Africa. In this article we draw your attention on an innovative Deutsch proposal made by Theo Deutinger and his architectural firm: Europe in Africa, an artificial island in the Mediterranean to welcome refugees.

Zahira Rafiq

—Lessons Learnt: Using Ebola To Inform Responses To Covid-19

At Furity, we explore how lessons learnt from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa from 2014-2016 can help inform responses to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Drawing on expertise from the British Medical Journal and The Lancet, Furity examines the efficacy and equality of immunisation, whilst using the Ebola vaccine experience as a resource for educating the international community.

Zahira Rafiq

—Securing Success And Sustainability: Furity’s Top 12 Tips For NGOs

We at Furity have curated a list of tips from leading experts within the third sector to help guide and inform readers about the qualities needed to secure NGO success and sustainability.

Zahira Rafiq

—Veganuary: Not A Trend, An Opportunity

Since 2014, Veganuary has inspired and supported more than one million people in over 192 countries to try vegan for the month of January, and beyond. The aim is to end animal farming, protect the planet and improve the quality of human and animal life. We at FURITY explore this phenomenon and it’s enduring appeal.

Zahira Rafiq

—Creating A Positive Impact In The Face Of Covid-19

Check out our newest blog piece about ‘Creating a Positive Impact in the Face of Covid-19’.
Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, thousands across the UK will have empty pockets this Christmas. To help relieve the current socio-economic crisis, we at FURITY have curated a list of opportunities that can help you help others…

Katherine Ye

—Shapings One’s Perspective

World University Service of Canada (WUSC) is an organization that envisions an equitable and sustainable future in which the youth, especially young women and refugees, are empowered to secure a good quality of life for themselves, their families, and their communities…

mentor, mentoring, help
Isabella Boyne

—Why Should We Care About Others?

An action is often described as altruistic in two senses. It can be described as an act that benefits others, regardless of motivation. However, the more widely accepted definition, and the one tackled by many philosophers, is that altruistic actions are those that are motivated by a desire to benefit someone other than oneself …

volunteer, hands, help
Abigail Lampkin

— My Volunteering Experience: Migrants Organise

During my first year of university I eagerly attended many academic talks/conferences around my personal interests of social and health challenges. I listened to powerful stories and innovative solutions for issues ranging from sustainable food systems to healthcare access for migrants and whilst I left these events feeling inspired and motivated, I did not pursue my thoughts with action…

Chloe Lee

— Helping Yourself To Then Help Others

In an age where mental health is a subject increasingly occupying the forefront of our minds, headlining major articles both online and in print, and being registered and acknowledged as a very real and very important issue on a broad social and political scale, it becomes increasingly ironic that what is being preached is often not put into practice …

wind, flag, no person
Luna Vital-Durant

— Migration And Refugees: The Role And Responsability Of The Eu

In the past few years, the number of refugees arriving in Europe has increased exponentially leading to a migrant crisis. Most refugees flee their country because of armed conflict or political persecution in countries like Syria, Afghanistan, or Iraq …

skyscraper, singapore, sky
Maria Slobodina

— Business And Social Good: Is Capitalism On The Right Track?

The youth today are increasingly worried about environmental and social issues: this has a direct effect on how Millennials and Gen Zs are spending their money. For example, 64% of Gen Zs and a comparable percentage of Millenials prefer to buy sustainable brands …

light bulb, light, halogen
Lea Dambreville

— A Quick Introduction To Effective Altruism

Effective altruism is a movement whose core idea is that if one were to choose to spend their energy in doing good, this energy should be focused on solutions which maximize the positive impact they can make…