Our Service

Your Obstacle:

You are trying to a start a non-profit project, and want help getting in contacted with people in the industry. You want to get a job in an NGO but don’t know what skills are necessary and don’t know where to start. We are team of dedicate people here to help you. 

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How we will Help you

With the experience of one committee to another we will help you get in contact with the right people for your project/career journey. 

Once you send in submission for our service using the button below, the corporate team will contact you for a call. On the call we will establish where you need help in and would you be looking to contact. 

After the call we will help you find mentors and relevant professionals in the industry for you to connect and talk with. 

about the Team

The team is a group of dedicated students passionate about the non-profit sector. We believe in the development and improvement of the sector through bringing young and dynamic energy into the area. 

To know more about us, contact us using the button below and share your thoughts with us!