Listen to fascinating interviews which tackle the notion of impact!

Our podcasts provide an open source of information on the notion of impact and how you can get involved in projects which bring social, environmental, judicial positive consequences to the environments they are developed in. They provide insight from professionals from varying sectors and tackle different topics each week. We aim to bring you new content each time!

In this episode, we welcomed Florian Rutsch. He co-created and co-leads the Ashoka Europe Fellowship program including its co-learning modules on systems change strategy, leadership, and multi-stakeholder collaboration as well as its ecosystem initiatives on funding and supporting system changers.
⁠In this podcast, he discusses the meaning of social entrepreneurship, the importance of system change, and advice to become a changemaker.

In the first episode of this series, Alana Heath discusses the values, stakeholders, and social entrepreneurship models.  As a social entrepreneur, she also gives us insight into the importance of social entrepreneurship and its role as a change-maker.

In this podcast, Peter Ptashko discuss social entrepreneurship and impact investing. Peter Ptashko is a social entrepreneur who recently launched his own Enterprise and Social Change consultancy: Cambio. Topics of discussion will include Peter’s personal professional experience, the biggest challenges the industry is facing, career advice for young professionals, the role the Covid-19 Pandemic and technological advancements have played in the sustainable finance landscape, and the crucial link between the UN’s SDGs and Social Entrepreneurship & ESG sectors.

Lazarus Chok

In this podcast, Lazarus Chok describes his experience when he created kickstart, a startup incubator dedicated to students. Through this discussion, Lazarus talks about the challenges he faced and shares the valuable lessons he learned along the way. 

Andy Hall

Interested in migrant workers’ rights? Then listen to our new podcast featuring Andy Hall. We had a great discussion about the role and of migrants in the labour market and how actors from different sectors – private, public, third sector – can play a key role in improving their conditions. Thank you again Andy for sharing with us your expertise!

Vladislav Kaim

In our last podcast, we discuss with Vladislav Kaim, a Master student and member of the Youth Advisory Group on climate change of the UN Secretary-General. Vladislav is passionate about sustainability and works actively to fulfil the Agenda 2030 of UN Sustainable Development Goals. This podcast will guide students willing to act for the protection of our environment. It is a powerful testimony of a young and ambitious person with many convictions and engagements, that will inspire those who would like to lead effective change in future years.

Carry Somers

In this podcast we discuss with Carry Somers, the founder and global operations director of Fashion Revolution, the challenges of the global fashion industry and the way Fashion Revolution aims to transform the fashion industry into an industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit. 
If you are interested in sustainable fashion and fashion activism, listen to this podcast!

Sujit Peris
In our last podcast we discuss with Sujit Peris. Currently working at Amnesty International, he has an impressive and diversified career path as he worked for various NGOs. Go check it out if you would like to gain insights on the third sector and especially on the activities of Amnesty.

Anaïs & Maëlle

In this new podcast, we are pleased to discuss with Anaïs and Maëlle, the founders of the Econogy project, about the impact of COVID-19 on our society. In 2020, they created the Econogy project which aims to be part of a green recovery and to demonstrate that COVID-19 can have a positive impact on resilience. In this podcast, Anaïs and Maëlle talk about the development of their project, their mission in Ecuador and the conclusions they drew from their experiences.
If you want to know more about this youth project with a sustainable impact, listen to this podcast!

Matthew Lagden

Dear Furity community, we have just released a new podcast with the testimony of Matthew Lagden – an experienced and successful senior manager in the charity sector. We have discussed how fundraising works and how it has evolved over time. Go listen to it if you are passionate about the third sector and if you would like to learn more about the role of fundraisers!

John Sauven

We are proud to announce the release of our last podcast featuring John Sauven – current CEO of Greenpeace UK. Go check it out if you would like to hear his analysis of how climate change will impact our daily lives if we do not act rapidly and his recommendations on the changes we should implement to limit the damage. We would like to thanks again warmly John Sauven for sharing his interesting thoughts with us!

Stefanos Fotiou

In this new podcast, we interviewed Stefanos Fotiou, an accomplished expert in environment and sustainable development. Stefanos is the Director of the Environment and Development Division in the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific. Click on the link below if you are interested in sustainability and the evolution of awareness throughout the past decades.
‘The views, information, or opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the individual interviewed and should not necessarily be considered as reflecting the views or carrying the endorsement of the United Nations’

Girish Menon

We are delighted to release a new podcast with Girish Menon – Action Aid UK’s CEO. Listen to it if you want to know more about the achievements and next challenges concerning women’s rights and conditions around the world!

Bella Mosselmans

Listen to our latest guest Bella Mosselmans the founder of Here For Good Law. In this podcast, Bella explains the importance of having multiple and variate experiences within the development sector, whereas it is by taking part in societies, volunteering or internships. She emphasises on the relevance that all have when getting to know the sector better and that would allow to fully understand the enriching benefits of working within development.

Alba Le Cardinal and Saga Jaubert

Listen to our latest guests Alba Le Cardinal and Saga Jaubert founders of Passport for Education. In this podcast, Alba and Saga give us valuable advice and recommendations on how to overcome the obstacles and succeed in creating a charity as a student. They also address the importance of impact evaluation’ when establishing their project.

Michael Mosselmans

Michael Mosselmans shares his experience with us on working in both large humanitarian organisations such as the United Nations as well as the World Food Program and the relatively smaller organisation he is currently working in Christian Aid. He gives an insight on the difference and the advantage or disadvantage of both.

Nidhi Agarwal

— How can a student face the challenges of being a young entrepreneur and succeed?

Listen to Nidhi Agarwal give insightful advice to young entrepreneurs and their journey ahead. Using anecdotal stories to share the lessons she’s learned, a must-listen for those thinking of starting to start their first startup while in school.

Barney Swan

— How can non-profits use economic models to create efficient regenerative projects?

Listen to our newest podcast with Barney Swan founder of ClimateForce. He talks about his current project, what regenerative projects are and how ideas and results could be replicated through out the world.

Joel Alexander and Jahnvi Jhaveri

— How can students help businesses across the world?

Listen to Joel Alexander and Jahnvi Jhaveri from ReShape Co. In the podcast they talk about their experience as students starting a non-profit as well as how students can gain and help small businesses across the world right now.

Hugo Sugg

— How Do You Make Sure the Message you Push Out is Consistent and Has a Call to Action?

Hugo Sugg, Director of CNS Earthquake Consulting and CEO of the Cardon Banfield Foundation, shares the lessons he has learned from both his experience in PR and starting his own foundation. Listen now and share with us your key takeaway!

Jean-Pierre Delomier

— In what ways can a non-profit adapt to a sanitary pandemic?

In this week’s podcast we talk all about COVID-19 and it’s immediate and long term effects with Jean Pierre Delomier, Deputy Director of Operations at Humanity & Inclusion.

James Uffindell

— How can businesses bring along positive change for a better future?

This week on the podcast we talk with James Uffindell, Founder and CEO of @brightnetwork! James shares his personal journey of growth and success in addition to some incredible insight and advice. Listen now!

Sherry Quam Taylor

— How do you create a great donor experience that leads to a 'yes'?

n this podcast Sherry Quam Taylor, expert in raising large donations from individuals give us in an insight into what a donor experience is like. If you want to have knowledge and her perspective have listen.