listening to rewarding experiences in the non-profit sector

Our podcasts provide open-source information to help and inspire the next generation of non-profiters. 
They provide insight from experts in the non-profit sector on a range of topics, addressing everything from fundraising and marketing to questioning the fundamental meaning of Altruism.

— Girish menon

We are delighted to release a new podcast with Girish Menon – Action Aid UK’s CEO. Listen to if you want to know more about challenges concerning women’s rights and conditions around the world!

— bella mosselmans

Go check our latest podcast! We had the chance to interview Bella Mosselmans the founder of Here For Good in Law. In this podcast, Bella explains the importance of having multiple experiences within the third sector, whether it be through active roles in student societies, volunteering experiences or internships in existing NGOs. She believes it is the best way to get know this sector and fully understand the enriching benefits of working for charities.

— alba le cardinal & saga jaubert

Listen to our latest guests Alba Le Cardinal and Saga Jaubert committee members of Passport For Education. In this podcast, Alba and Saga give us valuable advice and recommendations on how to overcome the obstacles and succeed in creating a charity as a student. They also address the importance of ‘impact evaluation’ when establishing their project. 

— Michael mosselmans

Listen to our latest guest Michael Mosselmans currently the head of humanitarian at Christian Aid. Michael Mosselmans shares his experience with us on working in both large humanitarian organisations such as the United Nations as well as the World Food Program and the relatively smaller organisation he is currently working in Christian Aid. He gives an insight on the difference and the advantage or disadvantage of both.

How can student face the challenge of being a young entrepreneur and succeed?

— Nidhi agarwal

Listen to Nidhi Agarwal founder of Book a Workshop and WHIS After Hours give insightful advise to young entrepreneurs and their journey ahead. Using anecdotal stories to share the lessons she’s learned, a must listen for those thinking to start their first startup while in school. 

How can non-profit use economic models to create efficient regenerative projects?

— Barney Swan

Listen to our newest podcast with Barney Swan founder of Climate Force. He talks about his current project, what regenerative projects are and how ideas and results could be replicated through out the world.

All the work that does not give necessary immediate results, pays off eventually

— Joe Alexander & Jahnvi Jhaveri

Listen to Joel Alexander and Jahnvi Jhaveri founders of ReShape Co. In the podcast they talk about their experience as students starting a non-profit as well as how students can gain and help small businesses across the world right now.

How do you make sure the message you push out is consistent and has a call to action?

— Hugo Sugg

Hugo Sugg, Director of CNS Earthquake Consulting and CEO of the Carbon Banfield Foundations, shares with us the lessons he has learned from both his experience in PR and starting his own foundation.

In what way can a non-profit adapt to a sanitary pandemic?

— Jean Pierre Delomier

In this week’s podcast, we talk all about COVID-19 and it’s immediate and long term effects with Jean Pierre Delomier, Deputy Director of Operation at Humanity & Inclusion

How can businesses bring along positive change for a better future?

— James Uffindell

On this podcast we talk with James Uffindell, Founder and CEO of Bright Network! James shares his personal journey of growth and success in addition to some incredible insight and advice. 

How do you create a great donor experience that leads to a 'yes'?

— Sherry Quam Taylor

In our first podcast, we talk with Sherry Quam Taylor, expert in raising large donation from individuals, where she shares insight from her 90-day online fundraising accelerator ‘Let’s Grow’ and sheds light into the process of securing gifts, the funding model that focuses on ROI, and the personalization necessary for each donor prospect, among much more