Team-Formation Weekend

Team formation weekend is designed to match students with like minded social projects together. Individuals can apply to our program with or without an outline in mind. They are then reviewed and if chosen invited to the TFW giving them an opportunity to meet their peers, form teams and pitch their ideas.


We will run 2 hour workshops every two weeks.  The workshops have an interactive and lecture component to them. Each workshop builds on the other to equip the teams in our program with the necessary tools to create a project ready to launch and receive funding at the end of the program.   


Mentorship with specific industry experts relevant to teams projects, as well as general experts in financial, fundraising, marketing etc., fields will also be available to teams.


Email us at:

Program will run from October to late March. More information can be found on our sub-page about under incubator. Incubator>about.  

No you can apply without and idea. The point of team formation weekend is for people to find their teams and come up with their idea.